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When (best selling) artist, Britt Malka wrote her latest non-fiction book,
she spent just 3 hours and 1 minute coming up with a whopping 4816 words!

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This is a refreshing new approach, and it has nothing to do with recording videos,
or dictating to software. It’s a method that teaches you how to write faster and
avoid the DREADED writer’s block that we all can get, forever.

When most people sit down to write a book, they get stuck already at the
introduction. .... Like: What should I put here? How should I verbalize it?

The great news here is, 'Britt Malka is giving you 3 unique, ready to go (templates),
in her “Fast’n’Furious Non-Fiction Kindle Books” and they are all super inspiring
and really easy to use.  

In no time, you’ll find yourself eager to get started on your next non-fiction book immediately
after you read the 23 pages. And they include examples, so it is easy for you to get started.

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